PG Fondues are made from the finest Belgian couverture Chocolate from all natural ingredients. These Fondues are artisan crafted in the USA and made in limited quantities. Each container contains 8 ounces of the finest Belgian Chocolate and serves between 4 to 5 people. PG Chocolate Fondues are offered in a beautiful re-usable porcelain container . This insures the Fondue stays warm for over 1 hour and can be enjoyed without the need for any special equipment.

PG Milk Chocolate Fondue

SKU: GC115

    It is vital that you do not overheat your Fondues. Fine Chocolate is a delicate product and heat sensitive. Microwave ovens vary wildly in their power and it is important to microwave them on 30% power. Just set your microwave on 30 % power and 3 minutes. Take your Fondue out every 30 seconds and stir when possible. (see below instructions on how to set the power on your microwave). This process usually takes between 4 to 6 times. It may not melt at all in the first, second or even third 30 seconds and that is ok, just put it back for another 30 seconds and it will begin to melt. It is important however to take it out of the microwave and try and see if you can stir. Please see the pictures below to get an idea of what your Fondue looks like during the melting process.

    Simple Steps:

    1. Open your container and remove the protective paper inside the porcelain container.
    2. With the bamboo lid off,  place the container in your microwave and set your microwave for 3 minutes on 30% power. Take your fondue out every 30 seconds and try t
    o stir every time until your fondue is melted. This process takes between 4 to 6 times for most microwaves.l
    3. Do not grow impatient with this process or you could burn your fondue. Your Fondue melts from the bottom up so you will need to stir it with a small, long spoon or knife (works great) to mix it up.  The top layer will look unchanged until you stir. It may not melt at all in the first, second or third 30 seconds and that is ok, just put it back in for another 30 seconds and it will begin to melt.  
    4. When melted your Fondue will be smooth and creamy and the container slightly warm to the touch! Do not continue to warm up! Remove, stir well and enjoy!  Remember the chocolate will continue to melt after it has been removed from the microwave.

    You can also heat your Fondue using a Bain-Marie ( water bath or double boiler) if your microwave does not have a 30% setting or if you prefer not to use the microwave. Always do this on a low simmer being very careful not to get any water in your chocolate as even a drop of water will prevent your chocolate from melting properly.

    Any left-overs can be saved to be enjoyed at a later date. Just let your fondue cool completely before covering and store in a dry and cool area of your kitchen. Just repeat the heating process. Do Not Refrigerate!

    How to set the power on 30% for most microwave ovens:

             1. Press power
             2. Press 3 for 30%
             3. Set the time for 3 minutes and Start.

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